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  • Citizen CT-S281

    Citizen CT-S281

    The CT-S281 is the industry’s most advanced two-inch thermal printer. Featuring a powerful one million cut rated auto-cutter that supports both full and partial cuts, hi-speed text and graphics, and two-dimensional barcode printing the CT-S281...
  • Citizen CL-S300

    Citizen CL-S300

    The CL-S300 offers direct thermal printing in an ultra-simple to use printer design. With no external power supply and a simple “drop-in to load” media compartment design, the CL-S300 is both efficient and economical to the user.
  • Citizen CL-S321

    Citizen CL-S321

    The CL-S321 is a compact and affordable thermal transfer printer. Designed to provide what is needed to get the job done, as well as to fit the economic needs of the value minded desktop user, the CL-S321 makes the solution sensible, simple and...
  • Citizen CL-S400DT

    Citizen CL-S400DT

    The CL-S400DT is designed to provide simple, cost-effective, high quality label printing on a range of media, making it particularly suitable for producing boarding passes, swing tags, festival and concert tickets.  Meanwhile, the ENERGY...
  • Citzen PMU-2300III

    Citzen PMU-2300III

    3 inch thermal kiosk printing mechanism with presenter The PMU2300III shares the same proven features as the PMU2300II, while offering a presenter including retract functionality.  Developed for use in printing kiosks, for the fast and...
  • Citizen PMU-2800

    Citizen PMU-2800

    The PMU-2800 is the Compact Kiosk Printer for all your needs. Packed with great features needed for today’s small footprint kiosk requirements. With a robust and reliable design, the PMU-2800 kiosk series is particularly adapted to all harsh...
  • Citizen CL-S521 / CL-S531

    Citizen CL-S521 / CL-S531

    The CL-S521 & CL-S531 direct thermal printers combine robust printing with superior price performance, ease of use and precision engineering. You'll love Citizen's unique metal Hi-Lift™ print mechanism, allowing for quick media...
  • Citizen CL-S621 / CL-S631

    Citizen CL-S621 / CL-S631

    The powerful CL-S621 offers unparalleled versatility in the desktop thermal printer class. The powerful CL-S621 offers unparalleled versatility in the desktop thermal printer class. Printing in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes, the...
  • Citizen CL-S6621

    Citizen CL-S6621

    The new dimension in desktop label printing  Our unique 6-inch CL‑S6621 label printer sets a new standard for desktop machines. Smaller and more efficient than any other comparable printer, the CL‑S6621 offers automatic...
  • Citizen CT-S4000

    Citizen CT-S4000

    The CT-S4000 thermal printer offers high-speed printing with selectable paper widths up to 112 mm. This printer is ideal for printing applications that require larger amounts of data or information, including secure prescription printing.
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