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  • Denso Adc BHT-1300Q

    Denso Adc BHT-1300Q

    A godsend for field operations! Compact, but easy to use Each model's body is more than 15% thinner, lighter and smaller1. Design was sought for functional beauty that also allows comfortable operation despite size constraints. Dome-shaped...
  • Citizen CMP-20

    Citizen CMP-20

    Print on the go with the CMP-20 The CMP-20 mobile printer provides compact and robust printing virtually anywhere, with both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.  Quick and simple to use, the CPM-20 is designed to save you time when printing 2...
  • Citizen CMP-30

    Citizen CMP-30

    3 inch mobile printing Our CMP-30 provides mobile printing options for receipts up to 3 inches wide.  The CMP-30 shares the same advanced Bluetooth and WiFi technology and tough construction of the smaller CMP-20 mobile printer.  This...
  • Citizen CMP-40L

    Citizen CMP-40L

    Robust. Powerful. User-friendly The CMP - 40L is designed for ease of use and operation as all printers from Citizen. In connection with the durable, rugged and shock- resistant plastic housing, this means that our printers are suitable for...