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  • Linea Pro 5

    Linea Pro 5

    Hi, fives: The Linea Pro 5 is the first POS adaptation for the Apple iPhone 5. Available for the iPhone 5 and the iPod touch 5.
  • Linea Pro 6

    Linea Pro 6

    The phenom. The latest sensation from Apple works wonders with our next-generation Linea Pro. For Apple iPhone 6.
  • Infinea Tab M

    Infinea Tab M

    The tablet that can handle all your business, now easier to handle. Available for the Apple iPad mini and available soon for the Retina display and the iPad Air.
  • Infinea Tab M for iPhone 6 Plus

    Infinea Tab M for iPhone 6 Plus

    The upper hand. The easy-to-control phone size matched with a big-business-sized display. If you’re holding this, you’re holding the advantage. For iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Infinea X

    Infinea X

    The workhorse. This fully ruggedized version of our iPhone/iPod platform stands up to the rigors of demanding environments like warehousing and field services. And it combines the functions of many devices into one, bringing new efficiency to...
  • Infinea mPOS

    Infinea mPOS

    The trailblazer. Our all-in-one EMV solution gives you full command of the latest mPOS course of action, with its integrated chip and magnetic stripe card reader and barcode scanner. This enhanced security device fits comfortably in the palm of your...
  • Infinea mPOS Flat

    Infinea mPOS Flat

    Requiring no hard connection to an iOS device, this wireless version of our EMV device offers the same full-function capabilities of the Infinea mPOS
  • Infinea BluePad

    Infinea BluePad

    The Infinea BluePad is a Chip and PIN mobile payment solution compatible with iOS and AndroidTM, and includes PIN entry, contact chip smart card, magnetic stripe and Bluetooth®. All IPC products with Bluetooth capability can be paired with...
  • Denso ADC SE1-QB

    Denso ADC SE1-QB

    Data entry to smart devices is now easier, quicker and more accurate! Feature 1: Long operation This product can be operated for a long time, reducing operating costs. Even if suddenly out of battery power, there’s no need to worry; this...
  • Citizen CMP-20

    Citizen CMP-20

    Print on the go with the CMP-20 The CMP-20 mobile printer provides compact and robust printing virtually anywhere, with both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.  Quick and simple to use, the CPM-20 is designed to save you time when printing 2...