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  • Denso ADC AT20Q / AT27Q

    Denso ADC AT20Q / AT27Q

    Bluetooth model (AT27Q-SB) can be wireless connected to a various devices Connect to a table computer and smartphone In addition to the SPP profile, AT27Q-SB supports the HID profile. The HID profile allows the user to connect to not only a PC, PDA...
  • Denso ADC GT20Q

    Denso ADC GT20Q

    Secure robustness Drop impact resistance   Highest standard in the class of 2 m × 60 times GT20 has a highly durable design to withstand strong impact, so there is nothing to worry about if you drop this scanner.   ...
  • Denso ADC QK30

    Denso ADC QK30

    Feature 1 Perfect fit for scanning mobile QR codes and bar codes Enables high-speed scanning of QR codes displayed on LCD screens.Excellent scanning performance for codes printed on paper, too. * If protective film is affixed to the LCD screen, code...
  • Denso ADC QB30 2D

    Denso ADC QB30 2D

    Scanning performance Utilizing the technology developed as a manufacturer of QR code, ideal scanning performance has been achieved. Scanning ON/OFF Scanning codes Shutter timing Gain switching Lighting LED controlling, etc. Buzzer, LED, Magic Key...
  • Denso ADC SE1-QB

    Denso ADC SE1-QB

    Data entry to smart devices is now easier, quicker and more accurate! Feature 1: Long operation This product can be operated for a long time, reducing operating costs. Even if suddenly out of battery power, there’s no need to worry; this...