Anti-Microbial Products

 Anti-Microbial Products

Anti-Microbial Products for various environments.

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Citizen CL-H300 / CL-H303

Citizen CL-H300 / CL-H303
  • CL-H300SV CBI

    Safer label printing with self-protective housing.

    Safer. Cleaner. Printers.

    Protect your customers and staff at your printing station with the CL-H300SV barcode label printer. Protected by the innovative self-protective housing the CL-H300SV is the ultimate printer that protects your printing station and suppresses bacteria. With an SIAA brand mark that fulfils ISO 22196, it is engineered to deliver effective results against bacteria growth and is designed to the highest industry standards. Perfect for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are key. Additionally, the CL-H300SV is disinfectant ready and wipeable, providing even more safeguard against contaminants.

    • Innovative self-protective housing and disinfectant ready design
    • Stylish, modern, and compact design
    • Matches with the aesthetics and technology of CT-E601 POS printer
    • Tool-free maintenance
    • CBI Inside
    • Ideal for Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality application usage



SC1-QB Healthcare Scanner

Unmatched in the Industry. The all-new SC1-QB brings a needed breakthrough for health care settings. The smooth surface is designed for ease of wipe-down and will withstand rigorous anti-bacterial cleaning. Lightweight, quick-charging, and powerful, it offers superior performance in any clinical or office setting as well as in restaurants, retail, and other shared environments.

  • 1-D and 2-D barcode scanning
  • Durable yet Featherweight,
  • Scanning and Charging Wirelessly.
  • Shock-absorbing construction with IP65 dust- and water-resistant protection.
  • Smooth, Seamless, Sanitary.
  • Easy to clean with a variety of solutions common to healthcare environments.*


*See recommended Cleaning Maintenance Guides for further information.



Sleek and Unique:
• Antimicrobial for pathogen build up resistance.
• Wipe Down with common Healthcare cleaners.
• Integrated cable reduces connection issues.
• Scan all the common barcode types.
• Smooth Surface / Reduced Crevices.
• Light weight for reduced fatigue.
• High ROI with high durability.
• Unique, crevice-free trigger.
• 1 Year Warranty.